Community Spirit and Amazing Effort from Herons Creek Residents – Petition against mining activity on state forest land

On the 15th February, a second quarry in Herons Creek on State Forest Land was approved, by the Joint Regional Planning Panel, in the face of strong community objection.

The company planning to mine this land at Herons Creek submitted a very poor response to the planning panel’s previous demand for further information, yet the Development Application was approved anyway. The message was clear – it is very difficult to successfully oppose a development.

The chairman of the Panel Gary West referred to a recent amendment to The Local Environment Plan, which was changed days before this application was lodged and permitted extractive industries and agriculture on State Forest Land. He stated that he dealt with the current situation (LEP Amendment) and was not responsible for it (not quite his exact words).

Our State Forests – now at risk of extractive industries and agriculture 

The message from the Council and The Regional Panel is one of legal impotence for the community in opposing developments even on State Forest Land and Crown Land, but it gets worse! In November, a Bill was passed by Niall Blair, Minister for Primary Industries to make the exploitation of State Forest Land and Crown Land by the private sector, easier. It also takes away some Aboriginal rights in the process. The process of putting this into effect will take place this year which can potentially effect between 33% and 42% of our State!

State Forest Land always has been a commercial enterprise, but was intended to sustainably produce forest products forever.

We need a more balanced legal framework which can make commonsense decisions for our community and you can get in touch with us to sign or even get a copy of our petition calling on council to disallow extractive (mining) industry on State Forest Land and you can also get involved by making a submission about these legislative changes via accessing the website of NSW EDO.

It is essential that the community uses political pressure to protect the environment for future generations. The Herons Creek Community have shown amazing spirit and effort so please support them by signing our petition, and writing a submission or even a letter addressed to Niall Blair, and Lesley Williams, expressing concern for the Governance of Crown Lands and State Forests.

Petitions can be collected from and returned to Nadine Rose, 9 Merrigal Road, Port Macquarie, or download here: Herons CreekBlankPetitionTemplate

Meeting Sunday 15th May

The next meeting and lunch get-together is at The Community Hall, The Boulevard, Dunbogan from 11.00am on Sunday 15 May. Please bring a plate to share for lunch after the meeting.

Please forward proposals or agenda items to Mick Hall  via email


An agenda will be available on Friday 13th May.



Conversation with Carol Vernon – Port Macquarie and District Supporters Meeting – April 8

What: This event is aimed at members and friends wishing to support Carol Vernon, candidate for the Greens in Cowper. Bring a friend if you can

However, if you are in the Lyne electoral division you are still welcome to attend and offers of support will be passed on to Julie Lyford, the Greens Lyne candidate.

When: 6.00 to 7.00pm, April 8

Where: The CWA Hall, Quay North Building, 17-19 Horton Street, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444

The Greens’ campaign will be much more effective in the National Party seat of Cowper if we have members and supporters actively campaigning. Come meet Carol Vernon and discuss what’s important to you and how you can help.

Media Release: Carol Vernon, Greens candidate for Cowper: A July 2 Election

March 22, 2016

Greens candidate for Cowper, Carol Vernon, says she agrees with Greens’ leader Richard Di Natale that The Prime Minister should go full-term and put a positive agenda forward to the Australian people, rather than running panicked to a double dissolution election.

Carol Vernon said:

“I am ready for an early election if it eventuates. The Australian Greens are ready.

“Turnbull and Joyce will claim they desperately need the ABCC bill to be passed but we can see it is just an excuse to go to an early election.

“The ABCC bill is designed to focus solely on building and construction workers, not to genuinely end widespread corruption.

“I ask why, if the Turnbull-Joyce coalition government is genuinely wanting to stamp out corruption, it refuses to ignore the Greens’ call for a federal ICAC that would examine all sources of corruption.

“The residents of the Mid North Coast deserve a federal government, of any shade of politics, that is above the suspicion of corruption. The NSW ICAC demonstrated the devious influence of corporate lobbyists on our state government. Are we more of a ‘corporatocracy’ than a democracy? Many would say we are.

“The Liberal, National and Labor parties all vote against Greens bills to establish a federal ICAC. Again, I ask why?

“Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker could be concentrating on reducing the extremely high local youth unemployment rather than supporting this government’s rush to an election.”


“Among other things the ABCC Bills seek to re-establish the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), along with its previous coercive investigatory powers provided by the BCII Act.[1]” Hansard

“Malcolm Turnbull should walk away from his plan to give construction workers fewer rights than alleged criminals, and instead establish a national, broad-based anti-corruption watchdog. When it comes to allegations of wrongdoing, if you’ve got a blue collar, this Government throws the book at you, but if you’ve got a white collar, they turn the other way. If the Government really wants to tackle corruption, they will get behind the Greens’ plan to establish a national broad-based anti-corruption watchdog.”
— Greens industrial relations spokesman Adam Bandt

Mid North Coast Area Profile – January 2016 (Nambucca to Above Nelson Bay)

Working Age Population (15-64) : 125,800  Employment Rate (15-64) : 63.8 %

 Participation Rate (15+) : 51.3 %

 Unemployment Rate (15+) : 8.3 %  Youth Unemployment Rate (15-24) : 19.5 %

Meeting Saturday February 6 2016

Our first meeting of the year will be in The Community Hall, The Boulevard, Dunbogan on Saturday February 6th, at 2.00pm. The afternoon start is to allow Dr. Mehreen Faruqi to attend. De Brierly Newton has also been invited.
If you have any agenda items, please pass them to Michael Hall or Drusi Megget, alternatively agenda items can be raised on the day.

Please bring a plate to share for afternoon tea following the meeting.

Peoples Climate March – 28 November 2015

Sustainable energy, sustainable future

On Saturday 28 November we will meet at Westport Park at 11am for a march along the Port Macquarie foreshore to Town Green where we will assemble for a rally with speakers. Dress in bright colours and bring a banner or placard to show the community that a safe climate and clean energy is the way to go!

This is your opportunity to be part of a broad and diverse coalition at People’s Climate Marches around Australia on the last weekend of November 2015, just before world leaders gather at the UN climate talks in Paris. Over that weekend, People’s Climate Marches will take place in hundreds of major cities around the world, with the goal of creating the largest mobilisation the world has ever seen.

Read more about the campaign here.

Meet the Candidate – Carol Vernon for Cowper


Three Rivers Greens were pleased to welcome Carol Vernon, the Greens federal candidate for Cowper, to visit Port Macquarie yesterday.

Port Macquarie is likely to be excised from Lyne and moved to the Cowper electorate  with proposed changes to electoral boundaries.

Carol has extensive experience campaigning in the Cowper electorate and we look forward to working with and learning from her over the coming months.

Join the 3 Rivers Greens to fight Woolworths acquisition of Short St carpark – Council Meeting 15 July 2015

Woolworths Short St Carpark

The NSW government has made a planning decision ignoring feedback from the Port Macquarie community about Woolworths acquiring public land, the Short Street car park site.

There were several meetings where it was quite clear that most Port people don’t want a big development there. We have enough traffic already and we need car-parking more than another supermarket. It is ridiculous that another supermarket should be planned one block from Horton Street. We already have a Coles a block away, with a Woolworths and two IGAs about a kilometre away. The Short street car park and old Food for Less site needs to be very low key, to keep views to the river, with a cafe/restaurant (or two) with a piazza, and lots of space for car parking and Ironman.

Yes, I ask you, if this site is taken by Woolworths, where will Ironman be organised?

Everyone concerned about Woolworths having control over our public land, the control whisked away by the Liberal-National NSW government, should come to the Council meeting on Wednesday 15 July, 5:30pm at Council Chambers.

– Drusi Megget