Carol Vernon – Greens Candidate for the Federal seat of Cowper

Carol Vernon is the local Greens Candidate for Cowper.

A retired educator, her 40 year career spanned rural and urban schools in the public sector, with leadership roles at a statewide level. She brings business and administrative experience as well as an incredible energy and passion for a positive future for Australia to her political role.

The people of Cowper deserve a fair go. Years of the same policies and practices have delivered poor services and high unemployment. It’s time for an active Federal representative to ensure a fair share of funds and resources. I will fight to end tax avoidance that concentrates the wealth of this country in the hands of a few. Multinational corporations, including our extremely wealthy banks, must pay fair taxes. The Greens will create more revenue without cutting services and raising the GST.

The Greens are passionate about restoring trust in government. Let’s end corruption and establish a federal ICAC.

Addressing social justice shortfalls must be a priority for the federal representative for Cowper, an electorate with one of the lowest median household incomes in Australia, high unemployment, an older and aging population, and decreasing youth access to third-level education. Our youth are being denied inexpensive access to TAFE. They deserve a better-funded higher education system and fully funded public schools.

We can have a public health system without yearlong elective surgery lists and long emergency waiting lists. We deserve excellent mental-health facilities.

We cannot afford weak climate-change action. Our children deserve a livable planet. Taking strong action to address the impacts of a changing climate is vital for Cowper, with its coastal towns, city foreshores and a very high rainfall feeding major rivers.

We can create more jobs if we protect our native forests, soil and rivers and pursue renewable energy. I believe in sensible infrastructure spending, excellent rail services and a better NBN that creates jobs. I support local small business and industry, including local food production.

We must house our homeless and build desperately needed, well-planned public housing, accessed by a revitalised public transport system.

We need a compassionate Australian government that protects and cares for all.”

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