Greens for Job Creation

Vote for safe jobsThe NSW state election is approaching fast. The Greens know how important jobs are to the greater Port Macquarie Area. In the 2011 census the local unemployment rate was 6.9%; higher than the NSW regional rate of 6.1%.

The Greens have a plan to tackle unemployment in addition to the tens of thousands of jobs that would be created by Greens’ plans announced already for renewable energy, transport and social and affordable housing.

It’s time to put sustainable employment on the agenda in NSW. Vote Greens for Drusi Megget on Saturday 28th March.

Greens Plan to Protect the Environment Released


The Greens plan to protect the environment was released by NSW Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi MLC and Environment spokesperson last week.

Protecting our natural environment is essential to maintain the vitality and future of the 3 Rivers area.

Help us stay responsive to our community and share with us how you would like to see environmental protections enhanced for our local area.